Vidhya Matric Admission

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Vidhya Matric Admission

To begin your childís journey into being a citizen of tomorrow, please fill in the admission form below:

Admission Process

  • Parents are required to fill the registration form online or offline.
  • Take the interaction/ test date.
  • As per the interaction or test results, parents will be given admission form.
  • Submit the admission form within 3 days of your results.
  • Admission form is accepted along with the documents and fees.
  • Mode of payment of fees shall be in Cheque / Cash?.

Entry Criteria for admission

Admissions are granted to students on the basis of the following assessments:

  • LKG : Interaction of the child.
  • UKG onwards: Written test based
  • Student Viva are considered only as an interface technique
  • Concept test are based on expected key milestones for every class

Documents to be submitted at the time of admission

  • Attested copy of birth certificate
  • Progress card of previous academic year( std I onwards)
  • Previous school’s leaving certificate if any
  • Passport size photograph of a child, mother & father.
  • Age Criteria for admission.
  • Age Criteria for admission shall be as per the regulatory norms.

Admission Enquiry Form